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If we are to live healthy into our senior years, chronic inflammation must be dealt with. Most of the diseases of aging are caused by chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation can be controlled through diet which includes food and supplementation.

Age-associated chronic inflammation is characterized by unresolved and uncontrolled inflammation with multivariable low-grade, chronic and systemic responses that exacerbate the aging process and age-related chronic diseases.

The inflammatory process is an essential immunological defense system in living organisms  that  has  evolved to enhance species

survival. Short-term, acute inflammation is a first-line defense mechanism that acts against harmful agents, such as pathogens, toxins, or allergens.

Under normal conditions, the tightly coordinated actions of various defense components including immune cells, endogenous anti-inflammatory agents, and tissue remodeling processes enable the resolution of acute inflammation by facilitating the elimination of pathogens, infected cells, and repair to damaged tissues to restore body homeostasis.

However, when this intricate acute inflammatory response fails to resolve and persists, more defense components are mobilized to create a long-term unresolved immune response known as chronic inflammation. Chronic inflammation, which typically manifests itself in a low-grade manner for a prolonged period, involves macrophage- and lymphocyte-accumulated leukocytes, and various other cellular components. It is important to recognize that this chronic inflammation is causally associated with changes in the cellular redox state and cell death signaling pathways.

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