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Supplement Facts  
Serving Size: 1 vegetarian capsule  
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Proprietary Blend:

  • Providing 18% fisetin (8 mg) [from wax tree extract (stem)], 35% galactomannans (15 mg) [from fenugreek (seed)]
44.5 mg  

Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose (capsule), silica, vegetable stearate, soluble fiber, sunflower lecithin.


Dosage and Use

  • Take one (1) capsule daily, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.




  • Do not purchase if outer seal is broken or damaged.

  • When using nutritional supplements, please consult with your physician if you are undergoing treatment for a medical condition or if you are pregnant or lactating.



Fisetin Promotes Healthy Longevity

  • Fisetin is a compound found in several fruits and vegetables, including strawberries, apples, grapes, and onions.

  • Fisetin is the most potent senolytic compound found among a panel of flavonoids, selectively removing senescent cells and extending longevity in animal studies.

  • This flavonoid has also been shown in preclinical studies to help protect against cancer, type II diabetes, and obesity, and in a human study to improve outcomes in stroke victims.

  • Taken orally, pure fisetin is converted to an inactive form in the body. But scientists have discovered that combining it with galactomannans from fenugreek prevents that from happening.

  • A new formulation boosts the bioavailability of fisetin by 25 times, allowing more of it to circulate throughout the body, promoting health and supporting longevity.

Fighting Cancer

Fisetin has shown potential in preventing cancer and limiting the growth and spread of existing tumors in preclinical studies. Among its anti-cancer properties:

  • Fisetin induces apoptosis, or programmed cell death, in cancer, which can facilitate removal of tumor cells.

  • As an anti-inflammatory, fisetin reduces compounds that contribute to chronic inflammation and cancer progression. In a study of patients with colorectal cancer, fisetin reduced levels of pro-inflammatory mediators.

  • Fisetin enhances autophagy, cellular housekeeping that keeps cells functioning normally. Enhanced autophagy can inhibit cancer cell survival.

  • Fisetin helps prevent angiogenesis, the formation of new blood vessels, in cancer, starving tumor cells of oxygen and glucose.

  • Fisetin helps prevent oxidative damage which can contribute to DNA mutations and cancer development.

  • Fisetin may inhibit cancer cell migration and metastasis, the spread of cancer to a different part of the body.

30 vegetarian capsules
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Optimized cellular, cognitive and longevity support formula

Fisetin has loads of health benefits. But much of the fisetin you ingest turns into inactive metabolites through the digestive process. So we’ve created a formula that helps preserve fisetin, so you get the maximum benefit.

Gluten free Non-GMO Vegetarian


We’ve combined fisetin with special galactomannan compounds from fenugreek seeds. Doing so protects fisetin during digestion, a technique we pioneered with our flagship Curcumin Elite™ formula. The result: better bioavailability—up to 25 times better than unformulated fisetin—so your body gets the maximum health benefits.

Most forms of fisetin have low bioavailability, but not Bio-Fisetin—thanks to special fenugreek fibers called galactomannans.

Bio-Fisetin Benefits

  • Maximizes fisetin bioavailability with special fenugreek fiber coating

  • Helps your body clear senescent cells, supporting cellular health and longevity

  • Supports brain health and helps protect brain function

  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism, which helps protect eye and kidney health

Making a more bioavailable fisetin

When you ingest fisetin, enzymes in your digestive system soon render it inactive. To fix this, we’ve combined fisetin with galactomannan fibers from fenugreek seeds, a technique we pioneered with our Curcumin Elite™ formula. Doing so preserves fisetin through your digestive system, allowing it to circulate: Bio-Fisetin is up to 25 times more bioavailable than standard fisetin supplements.

Product Details

By combining fisetin with fenugreek fibers, we’re able to create a fisetin formula that is up to 25 times more bioavailable. This means that the fisetin in our Bio-Fisetin supplement circulates longer than traditional fisetin. So what good can all that extra time with fisetin do for your body? As it turns out, quite a bit!

Fisetin and cellular senescence

Cellular senescence is a natural part of the aging process in which cells no longer function optimally. Senescent cells can accumulate over time, affecting the day-to-day function of the healthy cells around them. Fortunately, fisetin is a senolytic compound—an ingredient that actively targets senescent cells.

In fact, fisetin is among the strongest senolytic compounds discovered so far. Fisetin helps encourage the body’s natural pathways for clearing senescent cells, which allows healthy cells to flourish. Another important aspect of cellular longevity is sirtuin function. Sirtuin proteins keep your cells performing at their best—but sirtuin activity declines with age. Fisetin has been shown in preclinical studies to encourage youthful, healthy sirtuin function.

Fisetin and brain health

Protecting your brain is another good way to live longer. A recent clinical trial showed that fisetin helped protect the delicate nerve cells in the brain, and it has also shown promise for encouraging healthy cognitive function in preclinical studies. The key is absorbing enough fisetin for it to matter.

Fisetin and glucose metabolism

Glucose metabolism is important for everything from kidney function to how your body gains or loses weight. But maintaining already-healthy blood sugar can get harder as we get older. Studies indicate that fisetin acts as a kind of metabolism control switch, which may help your body maintain healthy glucose levels already within normal range. This in turn helps promote kidney health and vision health.